OnlineTermPlan.com is a service provider in the online insurance platform based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

OnlineTermPlan.com is a Unit of IR Financial Services Private Limited in India. We are engaged in making available and the most possible useful comparisons regarding various insurance policies in area of Life & Non Life so that every visitor is able to fetch the best possible rates.


On the other side of table, we suggest you that comparison of policies should not always be linked to price / premium of that policy, but the overall value of the policy where even a small difference in price of that policy is more linked by an additional feature. OnlineTermPlan.com has been founded by team of IR Financial Services Private Limited who is in Indian Insurance industry for over 10 years, and also has rich experience of wealth advisory and investment services.




OnlineTermPlan.com offers comparisons for health policies, vehicle / car policies, travel policies, and online term plan policies as product. In a few days, we will look at further insurance & investment options which can be bought online directly from the Company.




OnlineTermPlan.com strives to display the most user friendly and detailed insurance policies comparisons. Which helps visitors to choose the policy that they actually need rather than the policy which the intermediary or agent is trying to sell to get highest income in form of commissions. Our objective is to offer best possible service both online and offline (on Phone).



OnlineTermPlan.com has jointly ventured with mutually beneficial relationships with prominent insurance service provider in India. The objective of the relationship is to share maximum possible details to the visitor at one platform and to remain active with increase in online policy market, considering that online insurance aggregation is going to play an increasingly important role in the consumer decision along with time.